Smart Gas Detector

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Makes a Safer Place For All

Accidental gas leaks pose a threat to people’s life and properties. Residents need to be alerted as soon as possible once the gas leaks.
Smart Gas Detector is a LoRaWAN® residential gas detector that allows you to detect methane (CH4) leakage in houses, apartments, hotels, etc., and avoids potential damage before danger occurs.

Smart Gas Detector features a gas alarm threshold as low as 8% Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) that quickly alerts residents to an emergency.

  • Event Trigger
  • Built-in Self-Test Function
  • Ultra Safe Gas Alarm Threshold
  • 800 Records Historical Data Storing Capacity
  • Up to 5-Year-Long Life Expectancy
  • LoRaWAN® Based

Triple Safety

LED Alarm Indicator for Various Status

LoRaWAN® gas sensor has four status LED alarm indicators corresponding respectively to the powered, faulty, alarmed, and invalid status.

Alarm by a Buzzer

LoRaWAN® gas sensor detects methane (CH4) leakage and alerts you of danger in a buzzer with an 85dB alarm warning sound.

Report Remotely via Our Sensor Network

LoRaWAN® gas sensor is able to send notifications to alert you remotely once detects gas leakage.


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