Al Occupancy Sensor

$ 218.34



Al Occupancy Sensor

Redefine Insights for Your Workplace

  • Up to 98% Accuracy
  • 100% Anonymous Detection
  • 78㎡ Large Detection Area
  • 16 Custom Detection Regions
  • Bi-Directional Line Crossing People Counting
  • Milesight D2D Communication
  • Easy Configuration

Up to 98% High Accuracy

Embedded AI algorithm, AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor VS121 is able to accurately realize counting. The accuracy gets enhanced with continuous deep learning.

Exquisite Design

Being the thinnest among like products, AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor VS121 with ingenious design aesthetically blends into the environments and even can be a decoration.

Large Detection Area

Installed at the recommended 3 meters height, the sensor covers a wide area of 78 square meters. It is on top of the workplaces for not letting any place hide away.

16 Custom Detection Regions

Up to 16 customized regions amid the area can be set for precise detection. Every single region is independent. They are able to detect and trigger alarms individually, which satisfies specific application demands to truly accomplish customization.

Line Crossing People Counting

The line crossing people counting is added for conspicuous performance. Supporting bi-directional counting, the sensor with ultra-high 98% recognition rate gets more accurate and objective information.


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